Lantana Cafe: A Brekkie Worth Getting Up For



My room’s being consumed by a tsunami of clutter. How has it happened again? The rate at which things accumulate (along with the dust bunnies) astounds me and I can never see or understand how that happens. What, do these things just appear whilst I sleep?! Who dreams ‘em up and then just chucks it in my room, on top of my bed, next to my make-up counter which serves as a study desk when the need arises. Where did all these computer/phone wires come from? Crap, was my wardrobe always that stuffed, threatening to spill out in waves and eat up the room completely? Or shall we just go back to square one and blame it on the room being the size of a miniature igloo (or worse). The collage I created through food photographs, magazine pages, a map of my uni campus, random shots from Gradball 09, a Vivienne Westwood postcard from a friend and some A/W 09 catwalk shots – beautiful and quite breathtakingly so since it’s the backdrop of my work desk – seeks to increase the confusion and ‘noise’ of the room. You can say my collection of things is a real eclectic mix – something I’ve always hoped to achieve in any room I live in and out of. Boudoir-ish, roccoco elements, bits of random vintage jewellery hanging about, interesting Indian fabrics draped from one corner to the other whilst candles melted into twisted monstrous shapes and sizes dot the room. I think this year I’ve quite achieved that with a purple/navy theme going on, quite different from my room last year in Birmingham which was full of Venetian masks and greens and blacks. Sometimes I just sit back, nod approvingly and give myself a pat on the back for managing to make my room almost homey and as eccentricly artsy as the area I live in. On bad days, I feel like burning it down



On lazy days, I just hide under the covers and wish away all that clutter. Of course it never happens. And ranting about it doesn’t help either. The fact that I try to blitz my room almost twice a week makes me think I’m quite the independent and fairly neat 22-year old. The fact that the kitchen is so small and almost always cluttered with food and splashes of grease gives me a bit of headache. But blame it on London being too expensive to live in!

A change of perspective helps sort me out though. A bit of sunshine, which we had loads today (THREE CHEERS FOR THE FLIPPIN’ SUN!), also injects a bit of optimism into anything. If London’s that great, why the heck am I sitting in my room complaining about the clutter when I should be out there soaking up some good ol’ sun and exploring the fantastic eats in this gorgeous city?



And so I did. After a strong coffee. And some furious bbm-ing (if you don’t already know, Blackberry speak for our version of phone messaging) with Su-yin. A Lantana breakfast was so the right way to celebrate TGIF and wind down to our weekend. Su-yin totally deserved it after all her night shifts and although I haven’t done much to deserve it, I did score a 1st class for one of the essays I handed in after Christmas. So that’s probably something to be happy about. Anyway here’s what we ate. Delicious beyond delicious. And glad we didn’t even have to queue!



Corn fritters stacked with crispy bacon, avocado and roast tomato salsa, rocket and lime aioli


Bubble and squeak with fried egg, chorizo, rocket, tomato chutney and buttered sourdough

Bubble and squeak with fried egg, chorizo, rocket, tomato chutney and buttered sourdough

Happiness is breakfast.

Full up and very pleased with our meal and service, we strolled to Heal’s for a quick gander about the kitchenware and a gift for my dear sister. Couldn’t have had a better start to my Friday morning.



Lantana Cafe
13 Charlotte Place